BURRITO STYLE MASSAGE - a work in practise

A form of massage and manipulation I call Buritto Style where you slowly get wrapped in different types of fabric. You sense the small differences in the quality and weight of the fabrics, which helps to relax the body. I combine this style with easy manipulation, through which you feel the body's own weight and connection to the ground. I massage and manipulate the body directly with the hands and indirectly through layers of fabric. The starting point is each individual's rythm and needs.

The different types of fabric are carefully selected based on the specific quality and/or historical significance. For exapmple I have a piece of pink silk that originates from Japan and was originally used for wearing a Kimono. I have a piece of wool woven in a black/white/zebra-colored pattern from the 60s Denmark.

Burrito Style Massage has been performed at Assistens Kirkegården (DK), in privat homes and at Innocent Velvet for Afternoon Use at Gare Du Noord during the afterparty (NL).

Photos by: I.K.F.P and Craig Stott

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