GENEREATIONS hosted by Cowgirl Director

Developed and presented within the frame of the residence, 'Home Alone' June 2017, Amsterdam NL. The program consists of a working period of about a week, concluding with a convivial event. Home Alone takes place in Amsterdam, at the house of the parents of co-initiator Tirza Kater. Home Alone is organised and compiled by Tirza Kater and Marek van de Watering.

GENERATIONS is a performance/event of 3 hours dedicated to my demented grandmother, developing different ways of communicating with her on the premises of her reality. The event consists of a matrix of elements and medias, that are alined in a form of manuscript in which the audience partake:

Orange light, feat. music by Kiddy Smiles and Maria Cecilia Bartoli, Blue Lagoon cocktails, dancing,, pinapple and melon, the Cowgirl-Director, TONI, belongings of my grandmother, text of my grandmother, family photos, Cat-rehearsal, Cat-performance…What first seems to be a solo-performance, slowly transits into a group piece performed by everyone present. Some audience resists and other joins, both choices becomes a part of the creation. The work consist of installations and dance that transform the apartment and the people, dealing with demencia, family, female archetypes and generation...

Some years ago I asked my grandmother to write about her life. In 2016 my family found a book in her home, with one page written for me, the rest of the book was empty. It was then she was moved to an elderly home, because she was suffering from dementia. The text is a recollection of one of her earliest memories:

Dear ..............I'm number 5 out 9 siblings. I was born in February 1941, the Second World War was not over. The war ended in 1945. I remember when the germans had to leave the country, they were standing at the beach throwing their grenades into the sea.


People with dementia often like animals, soft and furry teddies, bright color, flowers, sparkling clothing a vivid paintings. I bought a realistic looking stuffed cat for my grandmother and when I moved the cat like a puppet she would believe that it was alive. In her logic, it’s alive because it moves. It raises a question; how do we define life?

In the apartment of the ‘Home Alone’ residence there was a cat that I had to take care of while staying there, a very old cat which seemed to be demented as well, a coincidence or a sign that raises the next question: Would my grandmother accept me as a real cat if I where to perform it? This is how I came to study the movements of the cat and developed a simple score that would allow anybody to perform it convincingly. During the performance/event, I share a rehearsal together with the audience in order to practice the movements of the cat and in doing so half of the audience become performers. Straight after the rehearsal the ‘Cat Choreography’ is premiering in the garden of the downstairs neighbour and the rest of the audience can see the performance from the balcony of 'Home Alone’. GENERATIONS is a performance/event in the making, directed and hosted by the Cowgirl-Director.

Photos by: Polarlicht and I.K.F.P

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