COSMIC GIRL - Workshop in "TROLDESKOVEN", 8-9 july 2017, Strandvejen, DK.

Wigs, make-up, dresses, sunglasses, gel, blankets, pens, food and other provision, rhinestones, camera, rope and ceramic.

Astride Sarauw, Emma Bondo, Snorre Hansen, Irene K. Hougaard, Peter Scherrebeck H., Katrine Skovgaard, Camilla Lind and Ida K. F. Pedersen.


Irene K. Hougaard and Ida K. F. Pedersen

PIZZAZZ - Final project from the MFA Dance & Participation from The Danish National School of Performing Arts, 2020, Holmen, DK.

The central part of my thesis is a manuscript, with different settings, characters, dialogue, monologue and action. As a work of drama, the script is the basis for a performance rather than just reading. It tells you what to perform but not precisely how to play it out. It’s this inherent quality of the script that allows for a diverse range of interpretations. The manuscript as a form of writing provides the methodological framework and discussion for my inquiry of uncovering the voice and its 'physical, emotional, imaginative and communicative dimensions' (Castellacci, A. Webpage) within the context of contemporary dance and life.

IDA (entering stage): Welcome to Pizzazz!


Ida, Michel Foucault,  Christina,  Lucia Ensingular,  Gertrude Stein, Thomas Taylor, and The Butterfly


Lisa Nyberg, Assistant professor, Det kgl. Danske Kunstakademi, Billedkunstskolerne


Lester Arias Vizcuña

IKFP, PIZZAZZ, Introduction + Character gallery, 2020

THE BLUE HOUR - Performance by Lester Arias Vizcuña

and Ida Katinka Fridan Pedersen,

presented at the SNDO 3-Festival 2: Welkom to WE, Academie voor Theater en Dans, 2014, Amsterdam, NL.


Ida Katinka Fridan Pedersen and Lester Arias Vizcuña


Laura van Bergem, Antonia Steffens, Charlie Laban Trier, Lester Arias Vizcuña and Ida Katinka Fridan Pedersen


Katie Duck


Nellie de Boer

Holbæk Kunsthøjskole - Teaching, 2021, Holbæk, DK. 

Teaching the course Body & Performance; A 5 weeks intensive, with the focus on dance and movement as a medium of expression. The course was finalized with a performance created in collaboration with the students: FRIT BLIK. 


Ida K. F. Pedersen

URGENT FLOWERS - A Solo dance performance with ceramic objects that are fusions between weapons of war and flowers presented at Performance Feast #2, DANSEatelier, 2016/17, Valby, DK.

For this performance I developed a series of ceramic objects that relate to the aesthetic of weapons and flowers. A sniper fused with a sunflower, a combat helmet fused with a rosebud. 'URGENT FLOWERS', it is a statement and an open question.

The ceramic objects have been wood-fired in a burry-box kiln. The process can take up to 12 hours where you continuously have to fire the kiln with wood, to slowly reach the temperature of 1300 degree Celsius. It is the same temperature as the core of the earth. During the firing I gave myself the name 'FireQueen', attending the fire and it's development, listening and being a strict master, getting acquainted with it's personality. I learned to read the temperature by the color of the fire. Reaching 1300 degrees Celsius the fire become intensively white. We were 4 women from all generations firing together, being witches and contemporary bitches, creating the core of the earth.

The process of making the objects created a ground, a context, a history, a place to move from. Performing on stage I summon the presence of the 'FireQueen' to enter into my body, moving in the world, looking out through a new pair of eyes and channeling the energy of the 'FireQueen'.


Stine Frandsen and Ida K. F. Pedersen